Overcoming crises with the help of EMG

"Full confidence and deep gratitude"

Source: Unsplash (Photo NASA)

The colleagues of EMG in China and Wenden have once again impressed one of the long-standing customers with fast and professional work - this time POSCO in Korea.

With an official "letter of appreciation", our customer POSCO thanked EMG for its support in January. POSCO, the fifth largest steel producer in the world, praises the strong partnership with EMG, which is particularly evident in crisis settings. 

The severe flooding in the wake of Typhoon Hinnamnor 
The POSCO plant in Pohang was severely damaged by typhoon "Hinnamnor" on 6 September 2022. Only 136 days later, everything was back in good order. Our colleagues in China and in Wenden made a significant contribution to this. Thanks to these efforts, orders from POSCO for 71 strip guiding systems could still be delivered last year. Thanks to the fast and good cooperation of all parties involved, the necessary repair work could already be completed on schedule on 19 January 2023.

Matthias Irle, Head of Business Unit Metals summarises: " The example of POSCO shows how efficiently and well we work together around the world. Together with our daughter company EMG Beijing, we have achieved a sustainable market position and demonstrated our commitment to our customers. A great success all round. Many thanks to all who made it possible this time. Please keep up the good work.”

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