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We, elexis AG, are world market and technology leaders with our software and hardware solutions. Whether web guiding and strip guiding systems, surface inspection and quality assurance systems: We are the full-liner for the optimal production and finishing of web materials in numerous industries. We also set standards with our thrusters and safety solutions for mining and logistics.

"We are everywhere where our customers are"

Dear visitors to our website,  

Every day, new technologies are bringing our world closer together. Out of steady change emerge new contexts and challenges, that affect our lives and actions.  

Global interconnections, dynamics, transformations: This is the world in which companies have to wonder: How do we secure our success for the future?  
With a partner whose innovative products and solutions allow you not only to achieve your goals, but to surpass them. With a partner in whom you can trust. A safe harbour in eventful times. A partner such as elexis.  

Protecting the environment is our greatest concern: With our products, we conserve valuable resources. We develop and produce on every continent of the world - in other words, wherever our customers are. This is active environmental protection, because it means we only have to transport our products by sea or air to a significantly reduced extent. 

Our highly qualified employees work tirelessly every day to earn the trust of our customers: By speaking our customers’ language when giving advice, delivering customised solutions for the most challenging tasks, and providing individual service without any compromise. From the first handshake until the well-structured implementation and beyond: We walk our customers through their project with entrepreneurial forethought, thoroughness, and aligned with international standards. 

We are a global company that unites all the cultures of the world. We are proud of the diversity of the people who work for us and for whom we work. Plurality and openness are our values, which we live by and consistently stand up for. 

Our constant and dynamic striving enables our customers time and again to take that decisive step forward and become even better. That is why we at elexis say with conviction: Perfecting your Performance.   

With kind regards

Dr. Rolf Merte, CEO elexis AG

Ingo Koesfeld, CFO elexis AG

Our management

Dr. Rolf Merte

Dr. Rolf Merte, Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Responsible for Corporate Communications & Brand, Corporate Development, Operations and Business Units.

Dr. Rolf Merte, born in Marburg in 1967, studied Theoretical Electrical Engineering at Berlin Technische Universität, where he acquired the academic degree of Dr.-Ing. For some years, he worked in research in the field of particle accelerators, for example at CERN, at SLAC in Stanford and in Berlin before joining the research centre of ABB AG in Heidelberg as project manager.

 Dr. Rolf Merte subsequently held various management positions in international and world-leading technology companies: Head of Development at BERU AG, later BorgWarner, Chief Technical Officer at Trumpf-Hüttinger, Division Manager at SMA Solar Technology AG and Chief Technology Officer at the sensor and measuring equipment manufacturer Testo AG.

Most recently, he was CEO of the listed Schweizer Electronic AG. Furthermore, he held the position of a Managing Director of several European and Asian subsidiaries. In the USA and especially in Asia, he was responsible for setting up development centres, distribution channels and production areas.

Dr Rolf Merte is a member of the supervisory board of Hahn Schickard Association and an advisory board member of endiio GmbH.


Ingo Koesfeld

Ingo Koesfeld, Chief Financial Officer (CEO), Member of the Managing Board Responsible for Finance and Accounting, HR, IT, Strategic Purchasing as well as Risk, Legal & Compliance.

Born in Wuppertal in 1975, Ingo Koesfeld trained with Deutsche Bank to become a banking clerk. After that, he studied economics at Ruhr Universität Bochum, Witten/Herdecke University and the European Business School in London.

Following positions in Transaction Service with the accounting firm Ernst & Young in Düsseldorf and in Corporate M&A with Deutsche Post AG in Bonn, Mr Koesfeld held various positions for the SMS Group. Last, he was Managing Director of SMS Investments SA in Luxembourg and in Head of Shareholdings and Corporate Law in Düsseldorf. 

Ingo Koesfeld also holds a seat on the Advisory Board of a medium-sized machine tool manufacturer in Taiwan for the SMS Group, which is the shareholder of elexis AG; furthermore, he is involved in the employers' association of the Olpe district.

Our business units

With the business units "Flexible Materials", "Metals" and "Safety Components for Heavy Duty Logistics", we have a global presence. This creates the perfect basis for our customers' success. Our primary goal is to inspire our customers and partners through outstanding performance and trusting cooperation - true to our motto "Perfecting your Performance".

Flexible materials

Flexible materials

With its brands BST, Nyquist, eltromat and Accuweb, our Flexible Materials business unit is one of the world's leading full-range suppliers of quality assurance systems for the web processing industries.

Whether web guiding, web monitoring, color management, register control, automation, or process optimization and control – thanks to decades of experience, BST stands for first-class solutions. They are used in a wide range of industries: Printing and packaging industry, coating and converting applications, foil, rubber, and tyre manufacturing, as well as solar cell and battery manufacture.

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Under the EMG and MESACON brands, our Metal business unit offers you flexible, individually tailored total solutions for optimising your process and product quality. As a world market leader and company looking back at over 75 years of experience, we focus not only on the technical products themselves but also on expert advice, joint planning and intensive support of our customers up to commissioning.

Our aim is to provide our customers with optimum support in the form of low-maintenance and technically mature components and complete solutions, allowing them to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on end products.

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Safety components for heavy-duty logistics

Safety components for heavy-duty logistics 

Our Safety components for heavy-duty logistics business unit - within the EMG and LASE brands - aims at developing the perfect solution for every kind of application. We have a product portfolio that can fulfil any type of customer requirements for any industry and ambient conditions, covering any installation size and position, as well as power and velocity demands. Every single day, our customers entrust us with the safety of their assets and goods. We want to honour this trust by delivering 100% diversity, 100% quality, 100% longevity and 100% fail-safety.

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Perfecting your

Our values


The trust that customers place in us and the trusting interaction within elexis are the core of our success and the guiding principle of our actions, which are essentially characterized by three factors: the community that we cultivate, the passion with which we approach our tasks and the excellence of our employees, processes and products.


Community means to us: We are a strong international community and see ourselves as partners of our customers. For this reason, we communicate on par with them, governed by transparency and appreciation. Values such as reliability and loyalty are fundamental for us, as well as authenticity and an open culture of failure.


For us, excellence is a claim as well as a commitment. We know from experience that only the best solution with the best support will hold its ground on the market in the long term. And this is our claim – no more and no less. We love to perform and accept the responsibility we have for our customers. This is what leadership means to us.


We work with passion and we love what we do. Our customers’ projects are more than a job for us. We are passionate about new technologies and enjoy challenging tasks. We are defined by our love for detail and our courage to take new paths. To reach these goals, we work dynamically, flexibly and innovatively.

Community, passion and excellence are the preconditions for trust. By means of making the right decisions and acting in a target-oriented manner, we make these values come alive. For us and for our customers.

Our Story


founded in




employees worldwide



EMG Automation GmbH is founded as a subsidiary of AEG.


Foundation of eltromat.


Foundation of EMH Electromecânica e Hydráulica Ltd. Brazil.


Foundation of Bielefelder Servo-Technik (BST) for the production of web guiding systems.


Acquisition of Bielefelder Servo-Technik (BST).


BST France is founded as a branch of BST in France.


Foundation of the BST subsidiary in the USA, today BST NorthAmerica.

Takeover of AEG by Daimler Benz.


Foundation of the BST subsidiary BST Japan.


Foundation of BST Italia in Milan.


Foundation of BST Iberica as a sales subsidiary in Barcelona, Spain.


Takeover of the ELHY® thrusters business from Treuhand and foundation of EMG-ELTMA Hebezeuge GmbH in Oschersleben. 
In India, a new subsidiary is founded with BST Sayona. 


Elexis Elektroholding GmbH is founded, later renamed elexis AG. It takes over the shares of EMG from Daimler Benz.


Initial public offering of elexis AG.  


EMG-ELTMA Hebezeuge Oschersleben GmbH is merged with EMG and now operates as EMG Elektro-Mechanik GmbH Werk Oschersleben.

The headquarters of the parent company elexis AG is relocated to Wenden.


Inclusion of elexis AG in the SDAX.


Foundation of BST International Shanghai Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary in China.


The sales and service company EMG Automation (Beijing) Ltd. is founded in China. 


Foundation of the sales and service company EMG Automation Private Ltd. in India.


Voluntary takeover offer of SMS GmbH, which is the sole owner of elexis AG today.
Foundation of BST Istanbul.


Acquisition of ACCUWEB as a subsidiary of BST NorthAmerica in the USA.


Merger of eltromat and Bielefelder Servo-Technik (BST) to form BST International GmbH, today's BST GmbH.


Foundation of BST SouthEastAsia. 


Majority stake in Nyquist Systems GmbH


Participation in LASE Industrielle Lasertechnik GmbH and 100 % acquisition of SeeOne Vision Technology SRL, Italy as well as 100% acquisition of Nyquist Systems GmbH.


100 % acquisition of MESACON Messelektronik GmbH, Germany


Dear media representatives, in the Press section of elexis AG you will find our press information, pictures, logos and contacts for your coverage. 

Press section

Our compliance management

To ensure compliance with the law and internal company rules, any violations must be identified internally, clarified and remedied at an early stage. We offer all employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners a secure whistle-blower portal to draw attention to possible compliance violations. This system is a tried-and-tested tool that is used in wide areas of the business world and in various industries. It serves to professionalize our compliance management system and implements legal requirements. Click here to go to the Whistleblower portal.

The good reputation of our corporate group gives us a decisive competitive edge. Our compliance with the law and our internal rules and regulations are the main basis for the confidence our customers, supplier and the public place in our company. Our Code of Conduct lies down general framework requirements to give us standards and orientation for our everyday work, strengthening the good standing enjoyed by our company. The Code of Conduct is binding for all employees of the SMS Group world-wide, among them the elexis Group.

Code of Conduct

Whistleblower portal

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