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Perfect precision

Customers in the printing industry expect economic efficiency as well as premium precision and top quality – in short, absolutely fault-free printing. To meet this challenge, players from the printing industry must reduce the minimise the scrap risk and reliably implement high production rates.

Our business unit ‘Flexible materials’ supports you with a full portfolio of products and services for quality assurance in all web processing sectors of the printing industry. We ensure optimum printing results! To this day, we installed more than 100,000 systems world-wide. Benefit from our premium service and our solutions for smooth production processes.


Color management

Electronic ink fountain control systems made by BST are optimally configured to the needs of the offset printer. We set standards in terms of precision, speed, reliability and ease of use. Benefit from versatile solutions for all printing presses – independently of the print widths and the number of printing units. All our solutions are characterised by an excellent price-performance ratio and powerful performance parameters which will prove their worth every day on your shop floor.


Color measurement

The fully automatic spectral inline color measurement systems from the BST Group help you to adhere to the specified color standards. To ensure premium results, the inline measurement is carried out in your printing press. Now, color measurements and comparison with print samples by means of hand-held devices after a roll change are no longer required.


100 % Inspection

BST inspection systems monitor the print for first-class print products, even at the highest web speeds. 100% inspection systems use one or more line camera(s) and constant lighting. The complete web width is captured line by line and displayed as a full report on the monitor - with digital zoom options - for quality purposes.


Register control

Register control system ensure that the individual colors in polychromatic printing come together exactly – for an optimal color result for every print. The latest generation of eltromat register controls are equipped with fibre-optic scanning heads or CCD matrix cameras to register the print marks. They guarantee the complete detection and measurement of all print marks, even at high speeds. The product range comprises eltromat TWINStar, eltromat AR 4400, and the world-best register control system eltromat regi_star 20.


Web guiding systems

BST systems provide web guiding in various production processes, for example in the paper, foil, and rubber industry as well as in conveying and transportation systems. Our BST web guiding systems ensure that the material being processed is exactly at the intended position. Our systems can be used for a wide range of substrates and effectively minimize waste and downtime.


Surface inspection

During production, BST effectively supports its customers by providing intelligent systems for 100% quality assurance in the accurate monitoring of surface quality. BST systems not only detect faults in the production process but also assess them reliably, which is the key precondition for initiating the appropriate remedial steps.


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