Perfect hydraulic systems

Since 1946, the brake thrusters by our business unit “Safety components for heavy-duty logistics” have been used in cranes and container bridges. Under the brand name EMG, they are the synonym for excellent reliability, availability and safety. The constant optimisation of all details and assemblies ensures the safe actuation of braking systems, which is the basis for smooth goods handling.

Safe workplaces, optimum productivity

In addition to increasing the level of automation, we also want to promote the productivity and safety of crane systems in container ports. The operators must have safe workplaces that offer great user comfort. 

Solutions (applications)

Our brands EMG ELDRO® and EMG ELHY® set technological standards in the brake sector. Despite electronic components in modern braking systems, the mechanical safety brake with electro-hydraulic thruster is indispensable. It ensures the safety of persons and machinery even in case of a power failure.



EMG safety components for heavy-duty logistics: electro-hydraulic thrusters, intelligent automation technology, controls for electro-hydraulic braking systems



ELHY® Electro­hydraulic thruster: EMG provides well-proven robust thrusters for particularly demanding applications, for example in steel works and in mining.


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