Raw material extraction

Raw material extraction

Whether in the conveyors in Chilean copper mines, in travel, slewing and hoisting gear drives on bucket wheel and coal excavators, or spreaders in open pit coal mines in Kazakhstan: All over the world, plant operators rely on the quality products from our business unit ‘Safety components for heavy-duty logistics’ to optimize raw material extraction.

In raw material extraction, vast volumes of material are conveyed and moved. Top-end, high-performance EMG products guarantee smooth operations with planning security for logistics and without any downtime.

Mine operators, transport customers and raw material processors require exact information on extracted, transported and delivered raw materials. 


Brake thrusters

With the brands EMG ELDRO® or EMG ELHY® and its decades of experience in the field of brake thrusters, EMG reliably provides safety for braking systems. Whether service or holding brakes on travel, slewing and hoisting gear as well as on conveyor strips: Brakes with brake thrusters from EMG give you the safety you expect.


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