Behind the Scenes at Decomecc

Mastering Metal Processing with EMG Systems

Steel and aluminium service centres are modern, high-performance processing companies with an extensive delivery and service programme of slit strips, sheets and blanks of rolled material with various surface-finishings and different alloys.

Decomecc, which stands for Decoiling & Metal Cutting Company, is a high-tech innovative service centre in Genk, Belgium, offering the full range of metal processing possibilities for aluminium, steel, and stainless steel into various forms such as coil-to-sheet and coil-to-coil.

Service centres must compete in the market by using the latest technologies and differentiating themselves in terms of service, quality, agility and flexibility. It is precisely these characteristics that are deeply rooted in Decomecc's DNA.

It is also the reason why Decomecc has been working for more than 20 years with strip guiding and quality assurance systems and solutions provided by EMG’s Metal Business unit.

EMG is grateful to Decomecc and its operational manager Peter van Schoenwinkel for giving our readers and followers an insight into the use of selected EMG solutions in the processing of coils and the production of slit strips.

In this short video walkthrough, Peter introduces us to their EMG systems, which play a critical role in maintaining quality control over width and oil layer thickness during the slitting process. Discover why Decomecc chooses EMG technology for its robustness, stability, and exceptional service, making their production line one of the most reliable in the industry. At this line Decomecc has an EMG strip guiding system at the uncoiler, an EMG iCAM® system for width and slit strip width control and an EMG SOLID® system for oil layer measurement. 

Here you can find the video:

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Just look for EMG iCAM® and for EMG SOLID® at our website. 
With EMG systems at Decomecc that have been operational for over 2 decades, and new lines being added, you learn firsthand how Decomecc ensures 100 % quality control and exceptional product reliability through innovative technology and dedicated service supported by EMG solutions.

For a deeper insight in the EMG product portfolio for service centres don’t forget to download our Whitepaper EMG Solutions for Metal Service Centres

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